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Canadian Himalayan Expeditions Ltd., is one of the oldest and most respected adventure travel companies in the world. We have been safely operating expeditions and adventure tours all over the globe for over 30 years! Ours was the first adventure travel website ever posted on the internet, so we’re part of ‘net history, having served explorers online since 1993. Our philosophy has been to remain a small boutique-style adventure consulting company dedicated to personal service, as opposed to a large ‘packaged tour operator’ catering to thousands of people a year.

We specialize in trekking, hiking, and climbing trips all over the Himalayas and other mountain ranges of the world, but we also offer wonderful non-hiking adventures like wildlife safaris, Galapagos cruises, and high-end custom tailored private touring programs. The information on our site shows many of our trekking, climbing, and adventure tours in Nepal, Tibet, India, Bhutan, Africa, South America, and other exotic lands, but only your imagination is the limit. Our trips are designed to be genuine explorations for real travellers who are looking for the advantages of a well planned adventure, but also desire some freedom to do things on their own. Whether you want to visit the wilds of Bhutan on the toughest trek in the world, or an easy cultural tour, trek to Everest Base Camp, drive the Silk Road in Ladakh, climb Kilimanjaro, or do a luxury wildlife safari in the Serengeti, we’re the experts who do it right. Join us for the adventure of your life!

Joe Pilaar, Founder & President

Michael Dudeck, Vice-President & Operations Director

Upcoming Trips

Land Cost: $1995

Jun 03 – Jun 18 ’17
Jul 01 – Jul 16 ’17
Jul 29 – Aug 13 ’17

Jun 02 – Jun 17 ’18
Jun 30 – Jul 15 ’18
Jul 28 – Aug 12 ’18

Length: 16 days from New Delhi.

This trek is one of the most varied and beautiful treks in the world. It ventures high into the Himalayas crossing two 15,000+ ft passes as it circles from the edges of the Indus Valley, down into parts of Zanskar, through narrow valleys and vast expanses, along trails marked by elaborate chortens and mani walls, rewarded by views of jagged snow-capped peaks, and ending at the famous Hemis Mona...

Land Cost: $5320 USD

May 01 – May 19 ’17
Sep 24 – Oct 12 ’17
Oct 01 – Oct 19 ’17**
**Thimphu Tsechu Festival 2017

Apr 16 – May 04 ’18
May 07 – May 25 ’18
Sep 23 – Oct 11 ’18
Sep 30 – Oct 18 ’18

Length: 19 days.

| Max. Altitude: 4950m / 16,235ft

This trek offers you a diverse variety of Bhutanese landscapes and culture and is without doubt one of the most beautiful and unspoiled trekking areas in the entire Himalayas.

Land Cost: $2895

Apr 09 - Apr 29, '17
May 07 - May 27, '17
Oct 08 - Oct 28, '17
Nov 05 - Nov 25, '17
Dec 10 - Dec 30, '17
Jan 14 - Feb 03, '18

Feb 04 - Feb 24, '18
Mar 11 - Mar 31, '18
Apr 08 - Apr 28, '18
May 06 - May 26, '18
Oct 07 - Oct 27, '18
Nov 04 - Nov 24, '18

Length: 21 days total, 15-day trek

| Max. Altitude: 18,400 ft / 5600m.

This is certainly one of the world’s most fantastic mountain experiences! Visit Sherpa villages, base camp and trek up Kala Pattar for awesome views of the top of the world!

Land Cost: $2890

Oct 16 – Nov 02 ’16
May 08 - May 25 ’17

Sep 11 – Sep 28 ’17
May 07 - May 24 ’18

Length: 18 days total, 13-day trek

| Max. Altitude: 13,300ft / 4050m

Until very recently, it was forbidden for any foreigners to visit the ancient Kingdom of Mustang. Now, with a special permit, we can show you this incredibly fascinating land!

Land Cost: $8370 USD

May 01 - May 30 ’17
Sep 24 – Oct 23 ’17**
Oct 01 – Oct 30 ’17**
**NOTE: Sep/Oct '17 sold out.

May 07 - Jun 05 ’18
Sep 23 – Oct 22 ’18**
Sep 30 – Oct 29 ’18
**limited space - guaranteed departure.

Length: 30 days total. 25 day trek.

| Max. Altitude: 17,320ft / 5280m

This spectacular 30-day adventure in Bhutan begins with the 25-day Snowman trek into one of the country’s most remote valleys.

  • Read about our Bhutan Snowman Trek, featured in National Geographic Adventure Magazine
  • Witness the amazing journey to Everest Base Camp!
  • Hollywood movie-star Steven Seagal goes to Tibet on a trip with Canadian Himalayan Expeditions.Rinpoches meet Steven with Panda, 2 Picnic near Drango Steven with locals Karma & Steven, Ganze Steven with Potala Steven with Panda Seagal Group, Bamei Fans with Steven Joe & Steven in Tibet Joe & Steven, Jokhang Lhasa What's he doing?!
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  • If you're looking for a quick winter escape to somewhere warmer than Mt. Everest, check out our beach-head base camp in sunny pacific Mexico!

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  • I had a wonderful time! I can’t even begin to describe it, but let me mention that Cordelia was great as was the Nepalese staff. I feel like I made some good friends, as well as had some amazing experiences. Back home, I wonder: was that Heaven? And were they angels?

    Maureen Lynch, L. A. , CA

    This travel bug (that I can only trace back to you) is unrelenting! The more companies I travel with, the more impressed I continue to be with C. H. E. You set an unmatchable standard on every front. Keep up the great work!

    Cynthia Johnston, Vancouver, BC